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Alissandra Seelaus
Designing Your Next Passion Project

Alissandra’s lettering practice emerged out of a daily drawing habit. Making drawings every day for over ten years while teaching art full-time, the project fueled her professional career as a freelance illustrator. 

Alissandra has worked with various clients, including Penguin Random House, Adobe, American Greetings, and Harper Collins, and combines her technical expertise with 15 years of teaching experience to bolster the skills and confidence of emerging artists.

Alma Hoffmann
Type as a Creative Practice 

Alma Hoffmann is a design educator, designer, lettering artist, calligrapher, writer, and editor. She is the author of the book Sketching as Design Thinking

Alma has presented talks nationally and internationally discussing design topics. She is obsessed with typography and lettering, as well as sketching. In her free time, she writes on her blog about design, life, and everything in between.

Aurelie Maron
Design Perfect Whimsical Serif Letters

Aurelie is a passionate lettering artist from the Gold Coast, Australia. Her mission is to inspire and educate her students to become professional lettering artists by guiding them to discover their style and teaching them how to sell digital products.

Aurelie has built her own creative design business from her home studio and is dedicated to producing the highest quality work for every client on every creative project.

Bobby Haiqalsyah
How community building has changed my life

Bobby is currently working as a senior designer at Cato Brand Partners. Still, his experience spans working in the kitchen, advertising, lettering, illustration, murals, community building, mentoring, and teaching some traditional Eastern arts. He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and has called Australia home for over two decades. 

Growing up in Indonesia, Bobby was exposed to many of Indonesia's exuberant, decorative, colourful traditional and Islamic art. Those two things informed his taste, and he found a similarity to those childhood influences through vintage lettering and calligraphy.

Illustrated Letters with a Concept

Born, raised and established in Cali, Colombia, CaliDoso is a “multi-instrumentalist” designer with expertise in illustration, lettering, street art and graphics for fashion, working in commercial commissions and exhibitions.

His work is influenced by underground music, art, and skateboarding, among others, and this is reflected in an expressive and visceral design and illustration approach.

Delphie Joy
Experimental Letters through Play 

Delphie Joy, a seasoned brand designer with two decades of industry experience, sought a reconnection to hands-on creativity. She immersed herself in creative play, exploring lettering, type design, and abstract art.

This practice revitalised her mental well-being, becoming a critical means of self-expression. Today, her work reflects personal and professional growth, passionately guiding others on the vibrant journey of creative expression and unique personal fulfilment.

Dominique Falla
International Women’s Day Inspire Inclusion Doodle Session

Dominique Falla is the founder of the Typism Community and your host for the Typism Summit.

Known as the ‘Tactile Typographer,’ Dominique Falla has completed string typography commissions for Google, Bing, Penguin, and Random House. She has also presented talks and workshops on tactile typography in Australia, the USA, and Europe and loves to doodle letterforms in her spare time.

Ewa Olszewska
Beyond Serifs: An Experimental Letterform Journey

Ewa Olszewska, a Warsaw-based type designer and lettering artist, holds a master's in fine arts. She excels in type design as a mentee in Alphabettes and a nominee for the Polish Graphic Design Awards. A speaker at TypeWknd, she stays current with courses like Latin One and Latin Two, pushing design boundaries. Agnieszka's passion for typography and commitment to learning inspire her creative journey.

Jacquelyn Ortiz-Nonog
Exploring Textualis Quadrata | A Quick Dive Into Blackletter

Jacquelyn is a self-taught calligrapher and freelance designer hailing from Manila. Her portfolio showcases a distinctive style in blackletter art, encompassing diverse projects like logo design, tattoo art, graphics, book covers, band logos, and more. 

With a background in Interior Design, she devoted a decade to Retail Marketing in Dubai before returning to Manila to concentrate on her art and freelance endeavours. She also enjoys teaching through online platforms like Skillshare and YouTube.

Jimbo Bernaus
Letter Evolution—Build Letters With Confidence

Jimbo Bernaus is an accomplished hand lettering artist and graphic designer. He is the co-founder of Shoutbam, a creative studio specialising in letter crafting and illustration for brands.

Jimbo is dedicated to sharing his expertise with the creative community and developing digital and educational products for Procreate. Through these resources, he empowers letterers and illustrators to elevate their skills and unleash their artistic potential.

Keli Spanier
Using Comedy in Your Lettering

Keli has created hand-lettered greeting cards for 15 years through her paper goods company, Colette Paperie. Her cards are in hundreds of stores worldwide, and she has a line of 500 cards, stickers, tote bags and pouches.

Keli’s passion lies in creating humor through lettering styles and making people excited about sending cards.

Kelly Moore
Three Easy Ways to Add Dimension to Your Lettering

Kelly is the founder of the blog Kelly Leigh Creates, where she shares content focused on lettering and digital design. She is passionate about teaching all levels, especially beginners.

Kelly licenses her designs and sells her hand-lettered fonts, Procreate brushes, and SVG files on her website and other creative marketplaces.

Kevin Adams
This is How We Do it

Kevin Adams is a lettering artist and typeface designer based in New York City. His typographic-centered designs combine elements of pop art, graffiti and propaganda art.  

When not creating for clients such as Adobe, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Star Tribune, Kevin finds much inspiration from African-American music, letters and song lyrics as a vehicle to give social commentary.  He uses this work to jumpstart larger conversations on topics like equal pay for women, mental well-being, cultural appropriation, and climate change.

Liz Volpi Impastato
Lookin’ Foxy and Boxy:
Draw a Valentine’s Card with Boxy Block Letters in Procreate

Known for her playful hand-drawn style, Liz has had the privilege of creating lettering art for international companies like Raising Cane’s and Paperlike, as well as for small businesses and local publicly-funded art programs.

Liz is a recent recipient of the Women of Type Artist Residency.

Maria Montes
Principles of Script Lettering—Writing Demos

Maria Montes is an independent lettering designer specialising in branding assets and calligraphy education. Her creative practice is informed by the principles of lifelong learning, sharing knowledge, and creating emotion through her work.

Maria’s multidisciplinary practice expands across brand identity, packaging illustration, custom lettering, calligraphy, fashion, art and culture. She has been teaching calligraphy since 2014.

Nico Ng
The Technique that Simplifies 3D Lettering

Nico Ng, a dedicated lettering artist from the Philippines, is deeply passionate about his craft. His experience includes collaborations with international brands and conducting workshops.

Nico has also developed a range of both analog and digital lettering tools, which have been embraced by the community, with thousands sold worldwide. His commitment extends to sharing his expertise and skills, aiming to help fellow artists elevate their work and simplify the lettering process for all.

Intro to Dark Lettering Composition 

Obsessed with words and their power, Noeko has built a brand and career centred around lettering in both literal and abstract forms.

She owns a private tattoo studio, Haus of Hel, and has worked with many bands and brands on logo and merchandise designs.

Sari Monzer
Good Is Not Proper: Writing as Self-Expression

Sari is a graphic designer with a little extra love for type. His passion for typography led him to pursue a Master of Arts in Information Design from the University of Reading. He can be described as a seasoned creative with design experience in advertising, film, and has worked in-house for companies in the architecture and engineering, education, and the F&B market sectors. As a calligrapher, he draws inspiration from the complete and utter absurdity of the human condition and is currently building his lifestyle brand, ToughCookie.


How to create the Victorian Style

Sushimoon also known as Julia Winkler is a Lettering Artist, Author and Educator from Germany with a strong background in calligraphy. She has a passionate affinity for Vintage styles, and her creative focus lies in designing unique chalkboards, logos, and packaging. What drives her is the burning passion to impart her love for letters to those who are still at the beginning of their creative journey. She offers specialized classes and guides to explore various lettering styles to better develop one's own style and unfold the own creative potential.

Tamer Ghoneim
Thrive with Blackletter Calligraphy

Tamer Ghoneim is a professional calligraphy artist and instructor passionate about helping creative dreamers bring their love of letters to life.

Tamer is on a mission to make the art and business of calligraphy accessible to all.

Thomas Hoyer
With A Flourish

Thomas Hoyer has an MA in graphic design and calligraphy and once worked for the German government’s Calligraphy Department. For almost 30 years, he has been a freelance lettering artist and has shared his knowledge in workshops from Moscow to Melbourne. He is mainly known for his ruling pen mastery.

Influenced by the thoughts of Hans-Joachim Burgert, he knows that every letter is only a concept based on a definition, with infinite possibilities of shape.

Vinitha Mammen
The Art of Balance: Six Ways to Create Balanced Lettering Compositions

Vinitha Mammen is an independent lettering artist, illustrator, muralist and educator. She helps businesses express themselves with pretty, playful lettering, fun stylised illustrations, and bold colour palettes.

Vinitha is passionate about gender equality, women’s rights, self-love and body positivity. She is a Top Teacher on Skillshare, and her work has been featured in noteworthy lettering publications.

Wayne Thompson
Refine Your Hand Lettering with Baking Paper

Australian Type Foundry’s Wayne Thompson is passionate about all things typography.

His mission is to educate designers and lettering artists about the wily ways of letters so they make better choices and become better fontologists themselves.


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