Would you like to speak at the next Typism Summit?

The Typism Business of Lettering Summit is a FREE three-day online event held July/August.

Speaker Applications have closed for 2024 

The summit is dedicated to helping lettering artists learn about running a sustainable creative business.

We aim to deliver presentations that offer helpful, tangible, and actionable real-world tips and knowledge for our community of lettering artists and hobbyists.

Diversity of thought is critical to the success of any event, and here at the Typism Summit, we encourage participation by everyone regardless of age, culture, religious affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identification. Whatever your background, whoever you are, if you have real-world expertise, we encourage you to apply to speak at the Typism Summit.

Here's what we look for in speaking submissions

  • Session ideas with clear, concise takeaways for attendees. What are three things attendees will be able to do after attending your session?
  • Case studies. What practical, real-life examples from your business can attendees relate to and learn from?
  • As much detail as possible! The more info we have about your potential session, the better we'll be able to gauge whether it's a good fit for our audience.

The perks of being a Typism Summit speaker

  • Opportunity to publish on the Typism Community blog and become a Typism Pro presenter inside the membership
  • Complimentary full-access speaker pass to the summit
  • Affiliate partnership as part of the bonus bundle
  • Exposure on the event website, emails, and marketing
  • The ability to attract new leads and pitch a related offer to a new audience
  • Virtual networking, new business contacts, and learning

If you are a good fit—we want to hear from you.

  • You’re open to partnering with Typism to deliver a great summit experience for attendees.
  • You’re interested in attending the event and engaging online with attendees.
  • You have real-world expertise that the Typism Global Lettering Community would benefit from
  • You can contribute free or low-ticket offers and resources to the bundle.
  • You’re willing to help spread the word about the event to your network and potentially earn an affiliate commission.
  • You’re committed to delivering all required material professionally on (or before) the summit deadlines.

Please complete the application form if you are a good fit.

Meet your host

Hey there! I’m Dominique Falla, an Australian Design Educator and the Founder of Typism.

I am currently obsessed with building an online community that helps creative professionals be valued for their work. 

I created the free Business of Lettering Summit to bring the Typism Community together to help you transition from freelancing to more sustainable business models.